Google Jamboard revolutionises collaboration in the cloud

Posted on May 11 2018 - 12:11pm by Tayla Ansell
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In the modern workplace, collaboration is of the upmost importance. At the UC Expo (16-17 May 2018) on stand D101, BenQ will be demonstrating the Google Jamboard, a 4K Ultra High Definition touch enabled device aimed at enhancing collaboration in a corporate workplace. Headlining BenQ’s portfolio of corporate interactive flat panels, the intuitive 55-inch whiteboard has a human-centric design and touch screen that is supported by a low-latency technology. Jamboard allows teams to share ideas in real time with accurate displays and 16 simultaneous touch points, for maximum productivity and teamwork.

Google Jamboard

The device is equipped with the power of G-Suite to support how people work, in both conference rooms or huddle spaces and with a remote team via the integrated videoconferencing features. The 4K UHD panel allows users to access popular Google apps and a wide range of interactive capabilities during a “jam” session when using G-Suite. Therefore, Jamboard fits perfectly into the demanding digital workplace and can help transform meetings into an engaging experience to boost efficiency and ultimately improve the business’ bottom line.

Users can draw, annotate, scribble on images, import Google Docs, search the web and communicate with colleagues. All content from “jam” sessions can be saved in the cloud and users can discuss content in real time with remote teams via other Jamboards or on a mobile or tablet device for Android and iOS. The interactive flat panel is also equipped with a powerful tool bar that includes advanced handwriting and shape recognition for effortless creation.

Jamboard’s video conferencing feature is beneficial for large international corporations as it helps to bring the whole team together and unlocks their creative capabilities. The integration with Google Hangouts means that users can speak with remote team mates and bring them into meetings when using Jamboard. Tools including sticky notes and lasso tools can be used to brainstorm ideas or make notes that can be saved in the cloud for review. In addition, G-Suite, Google Cloud and online web search allows Jamboard users to push content onto the whiteboard and users can continue to work on a “jam” session after the meeting.

As a collaborative interactive flat panel built for the Cloud, Jamboard’s content sharing must be simple and secure. It’s easy to add participants to a “jam” session with their email address and users can save content as a single image file or as a compiled PDF file and send it to all to the meeting collaborators after the meeting has taken place. Jamboard can also be used in a number of different environments including new or small businesses, large enterprises or teams in order to redefine meetings, boost creativity and productivity.

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